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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Chill

It's really starting to feel like Christmas.

Rodger and I got a tree last Saturday night and it is adorable. I am in love with it. Just so cute. I will post pictures of it later because my camera battery is dead. But I love it. The apartment is decorated also. I love walking in and seeing it look so festive. It's so cozy. Not warm and cozy just cozy.

I say not warm and cozy because it's pretty cold in here. It's pretty cold outside also. Last night I was under two blankets and a flannel sheet and it was still cold. Thank goodness for the flannel sheets (thanks for the hand-me-downs, Mom) because they do seem to help keep me warmer than the regular sheets. I woke up around 4am freezing this morning. I think there might have even been frost on my pillow. Sushi was curled up under it and I had to curl up into the fetal position to stay warm.

I have never used my heater here before. I am a little scared of it because I don't really know how to use it and I am not going to leave it on all night. But I did turn it on when I got home from work and Sushi is laying in front of it now. Hopefully it will get things a little warmer before I go to bed.

I don't mean for it to seem like I am complaining about the weather because I much prefer this seasonable cold to it being warm in December but it is odd to seem steam come off the sink when I am washing my dishes.

I will take it though. It's very Christmasy feeling and I love the Christmasy feeling.

And the snow on the mountains is beautiful, breath taking really.

Oh and take a look at this cute picture that Vickie texted me. Isn't he cute?


Pam said...

Well, at least you have the option of a heater. Ours seems to have given up the ghost. Oh well, the tree will probably stay fresher in the cold.

vickie said...


Oh and the steam is called hot water... Usually associated with washing dishes.