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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Timeline of a Great Thanksgiving


8pm eat dinner from Wendy's while watching TV with Rodger.
9pm start making green bean casseroles for three different places (two for me, one for Rodger).
10pm late night run to the grocery store once I decide that I don't have enough green beans.
11:30pm bed

Thursday, the big day

8:30am traditional bike ride at Santa Fe Dam.


10am put one batch of green bean casserole in the oven, get everything organized.
10:30am take a shower and get cleaned up
11:15am say goodbye to Rodger. My parents pick me up to go to my Grandma Creekmur's for our first Thanksgiving meal.
12pm get to my Grandma's house, talk, put the finishing touches on my casserole, and put the rolls in the oven.



12:30pm Thanksgiving meal (lunch) is served after a thanks is given that the whole family (besides two cousins) could be together to share the holiday. We eat A LOT and talk A LOT. Beth makes me laugh when she asks if the stuffing has been in the turkey (she is a vegetarian) and then says that she "is not going to be that ridiculous". I love my Beth.
1pm Still eating, still talking.
At some point the meal ends and people get up to help clean.
About 30 minutes after this I ask if anyone needs help. No, Vickie and my dad were just done with the dishes.
More chatting, my uncle David tells me about retirement. Sounds nice.
2:30pm We sing "Happy Birthday" to my Grandma. It was her 76th birthday on Thanksgiving. It was nice for everyone to be with her on her birthday.
3pm The family begins to leave. Another great Creekmur Thanksgiving and meal one is done. Time to make room for meal two.

3:15pm Drive to my Aunt Peggy's house.
4:15pm Arrive, bombard and cuddle with their seven cats. I love that Johnny.
4:30pm Cook the second batch of green bean casserole and watch Matt make his bacon wrapped asparagus. Unbelievably I am hungry again.
5pm Second Thanksgiving meal begins after a nice prayer from my Aunt. I stuff my face with turkey, green bean casserole, cranberries (home made by Vickie), salad (so good), and sweet potatoes.


5:30pm I say "one more roll" about five times. I eat until I almost can't move.
6pm I lay down on the couch. Too much food.
Lots of fun and laughter and love.

Specifically a lot of laughter at this picture.


Here's another one, but not as funny.


7pm dessert, I skip it. I just couldn't possibly put another bite in my mouth.
7:30pm We draw names for the Secret Santa exchange after Vickie states the rules.
8pm Head home feeling immensely thankful for all of the family and love I have in my life.
9pm My mom and I watch TV Land "Roseanne" Thanksgiving reruns. At some point during this time my mom tries to relay a thought and then says "I don't even know why I am trying to talk". We were very tired after this long but wonderful day.


4:30am Wake up and drive to Target with my parents to meet my aunt for the "Black Friday" sale.
5am Follow the line into Target, where there are no shopping carts left.
6am Eat breakfast at Dennys.
7am Go to Kohls to more shopping with my mom.
9am Rodger comes over and we go shopping.

It was an early morning but full of fun.

It was a great Thanksgiving weekend.


Pam said...

And I wonder why I have gained weight!

Peggy said...

It might be nice if you included some sort of caption stating why I look like an idiot...the fact that Matt had just slammed into me from the back might be a start!!!!