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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Cause I don't shine if you don't shine"

I did it. I did the 5K. It was Sunday in Hemet at The Tinsel Triathlon. The majority of the people there were doing the triathlon including Rodger and my dad. Vickie was supposed to do the 5K with me but she was under the weather all weekend. There was quite a bit of weather during the weekend but the clouds parted Sunday morning and there was no rain until after the race and it was surprisingly warmer than I thought it would be.



I had two goals for this race. One was to finish and one was to run the entire thing (no matter how slow). I did finish and I only walked twice. Once to take off one of the layered shirts I was wearing and the other time for a small rest. I wasn't running fast for most of it but it was a good starting point. A man I was talking to for a minute during the run said that since this was my first 5K I should set the bar low, just like in life. That made me laugh.


There were times during the 5K that I was really tired of running but mostly I was just motivated to finish and when I turned the corner to see the finish I actually felt like I could have run longer. I even sprinted the last 100 yards are so. It felt great to have my mom cheering me into the finish and taking my picture.



Closing in on the finish line.


My finishing time. Not too bad, a little over 11 minute miles. I wasn't wearing a watch so I didn't track my mile to mile speed.

One low of the run was when I asked someone if they knew when they would be handing out water and she said that she didn't think there was water on the run course. I really needed some water. It was a short-lived low though as not too much further down the road I saw the water table. I took three cups and poured one over my head for dramatic effect. Even better was when the kids handing out water had crossed the street to hand us water on the last turn.

Rodger and my dad did great also. This is the third year in a row that they did this triathlon. They were troopers to run, bike, and swim in the cold and after the roads were so wet with rain.

The 5K turned out to be a lot of fun and was easier than I thought it would be. I must say I am a little proud of myself for accomplishing this goal and am looking forward to doing another one and possibly working my way up to a longer distance race.

Oh and by the way I took third place in my age group (24-29).

Oh and by the way there were three people in my age group. :)




Eliza said...

Yay!! Great job! And you look great too, definitely like a seasoned runner. :)

Alexandra said...

Congrats Katie, that's awesome!!

Peggy said...

Did you run like Phoebe Buffet? You know, like you were running from Satan...the neighbor's dog??