Suddenly I See

Sunday, November 22, 2009

His Unconditional Love

After watching "Up" last night (what I could see of it through my tears), side note, "Up" is a great movie. SO SAD though, but not sad in a bad way just very, very touching, you should see it, it made me think how lucky I am to have Rodger. To have a partner to go through life with, to have and make adventures with. I am so thankful for him and for our relationship.


Rodger makes me laugh non-stop, he's good at things I'm not good at, he remembers everything I have ever told him, he loves the same things I love, he cares and loves my family as his own, and we just have a great time together. I never question his love for me. His actions prove how much he cares about me.


His love has taught me so much. I am not afraid to be the person I am and grow into the person I am supposed to be because I know no matter what he will stand by me. I never want to take him for granted because I know that he is a special person.

Most of all I love him for his good heart.


And on top of that he is so handsome.



I love you Rodger!


hanner said...

i totally cried in "up." i watched it on an airplane. haha.

Pam said...

I love this post. We should never take anyone for granted that we care about.

Peggy said...

So sweet! I teared up!