Suddenly I See

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mood: Excited!

Reasons I am excited-

- The construction on the streets by my work is finally over after a year. Traffic is lighter, my mood is lighter. Would it be lame if I almost cried this morning when I saw that my shortcut was open?

-I got keys made for my apartment. It was time after the "Easter lockout" fiasco. On top of that I got a key made for myself with a heart print cover. Makes me happy when I look at it (little things, people, little things).

-Vickie is coming back on Sunday. Even though she has only been gone a week and blogs about her trip everyday it will be very nice to have her home. I don't like being in different countries, it throws off my sister telepathy.

-Today is the end of tax season. This is excitement for my mom. See how selfless I am? Well, not too selfless, maybe now we can start going to lunch together again.

-After a lot of blood, sweat, and tears my living room is furnished. It's nice. I will post pictures later.

-Kathy Griffin stand-up special tonight.

-Mondays(Crazy, right?) because I go to my aunt's house for dinner and to watch "Dancing with the Stars".

-Possibly going back to Disneyland to use the second 1/2 of our two-fer tickets this weekend.

-And I am going to MAUI in September.

-Oh and Rodger will be here in 5 minutes. And I get to be around him for the next fourteen hours and there will be pizza and ice cream involved.

-And it was beautiful today.

I must stop now, I may burst.


Pam said...

Very nice. I wish I had some ice cream. After a crazy day, it would hit the spot.

Eliza said...

it sounds like a great day!

vickie said...

i like this one and i am quite happy about most of this as well, mostly cause it makes you happy.

vickie said...

I cannot wait to get home as well... Miss you and the fam and Moe!