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Friday, April 10, 2009

Dinner AND a Show

Rodger and I went to Applebees for dinner. Their advertising of the $20/3 items worked and we went and it was pretty good considering the cheap price.

But even better was the show going on at the table to our left.

Three people were being seated and were very unhappy about not being able to sit in a booth. Once they sat down the young girl said "I don't like sitting in bars, I don't like alcohol, and I find people who drink to be unpleasant". This girl was probably more unpleasant than anyone in the place.

Two more people showed up to sit with them. I, being the great people watcher/eavesdropper listened to their conversations.

They were talking about Twitter and the girl explained to her mom that it's called "tweeting" and the service is Twitter. Then the middle-aged man that had joined them said "Well, I'm 'tweet' on Patty" (his wife). Rodger and I tried to contain laughter. After this the middle-aged man said that he saw on television that kids are getting high on saliva, to which the girl replies "I think you mean salvia". Rodger and I can't contain our laughter at this point.

Next, the girl starts talking about a proposition she hopes gets on the ballet. Something like Prop 8 but instead of calling it marriage it would be called Domestic Partnership. Middle-aged man does not like this and an arguments ensues, and then Patty steps in and tells the girl "The bottom line is he doesn't give a shit and you're not going to change his mind". By the way these were the only words Patty uttered while I was eavesdropping.

I love a good people watching experience.

Food= Mediocre, Show= Very entertaining


vickie said...

Too funny. I love that you hit up the Applebees and found such a riveting convo between clearly intelligent people. Oh how I miss Monrovia.

Pam said...

Oh, Katie, I can just picture you leaning towards the conversation so you can hear every word, and probably telling Rodger to be quiet so you can hear. Glad you enjoyed the show. This is too cool that Vickie, so far away, read and commented just a few minutes ago.