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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Eliza!

Wishes for a great birthday to a great friend.

I have known Eliza for 16 years and have been lucky to call her a friend through all of these years. More than a friend I consider her family and no matter the distance I know I can count on her.

If you know her you know that she is an amazing person and awesome mother and if you read her blog you know that she is a great writer among other things. If you think her blog is good you should read her short stories. She is the type of person that makes you want to be a better person. She's pretty humble though so she will probably admit to none of this. And she lives in cool places so if you go visit her and her husband (she has a very funny husband) rest assured you will have great hosts, good food, and cool places to see. Despite this I would still prefer she lived in California, I like to think that she would prefer it to and not just for the See's Candies.

And to top it all off her children are so STINKIN CUTE!!!!

So happy Birthday Eliza!!!!! Wish I was there to celebrate. Have Theo and Ida give you extra hugs for me.

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Eliza said...

Katie, this was so nice!! Thanks for brightening my day today! Love ya!!