Suddenly I See

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Forget foxes, it's "smart like a cat"!

Newsflash- It's hot!!!!

My apartment is a sauna. More specifically my bedroom is a sauna. It's really not that big of a deal, I have a room air conditioner in the living room but I don't really want to have it on all of the time. I have to keep those kind of bills to a minimum. The other problem with this air conditioner is that I don't think that the air will ever get to the bedroom, it just won't circulate that way. The heater connects to both the living room and bedroom but the air conditioner is on the opposite wall.

All of this is fine, I mean it is what it is and I can figure out a way to keep cool and for the most part I am at work when it is the hottest, except for the weekends. What I worry about most is my Sushi. I think it is just way too hot for her in here during the day. I worried about her all day. I came home at lunch to check on her and she seemed okay and I shut the bedroom and bathroom off so that she had to stay in the living room or kitchen where it stays the coolest. She was wandering around the kitchen area when I went back to work. All afternoon I was concerned about her. Then I get home and this is what I find.

Clever little kitty. She was under the kitchen sink and then she moved over to lay down on the connecting shelves. She found a cool little spot to "chill" out. I hear the weather is going to cool down and I am thankful for this. I am worried about the very warm weather that the summer will bring but at least she has her little spot.

And if it gets really hot I may just crawl in there with her.


vickie said...

Too funny... Love it and yes, it is smart like a cat.

Eliza said...

She is a smart one! I always feel so bad for animals when it's hot. When it's cold it must be nice to have all that fur, but the poor things are trapped under it in the summer. Glad she found a spot to cool down.

Pam said...

Sushi - what a thinker! Are you sure she wasn't just afraid I would come over and she was hiding.