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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Do(s) and Don'ts of Disneyland

-Do get there before 10am because otherwise you will be stuck parking in the Anaheim Garden Walkway parking much farther from the park but still paying the same price.

-Do get your tickets ahead of time from Pavilions so you don't have to wait in line to buy them.

-Do set big goals for yourself such as saying you have to have a slice of pizza and ice cream before you leave.

-Don't feel bad for people watching (staring) and listening in on stranger's conversations. It's too fun to pass up.

- Do go on the new Toy Story ride at California Disney right away. It is so fun and even if you lose you will still have a good time.

-Don't send the person you are with off to get a fast pass for another ride while you wait in line. You may not find him again. But you might and then it would be a good idea. But probably don't want to risk it because you might not have a really nice lady behind you who lets you use her cell phone to call the person you sent off and then offers to let you ride with her little boys if your partner in crime doesn't come back in time.

-Don't walk too fast through Mainstreet, take it all in. It's pretty much the best part of the park.

-Do go on the California Grizzly Rapid ride when it is hot out, it will feel really good.

-Don't expect a light crowd on a Saturday in Spring. Some lines may be really short like Big Thunder Mountain but some may be really long like Indiana Jones.

-Do spend the $6.50 on a slice of pizza (you have to eat something) but don't spend the $8 on a salad (you have your limits). Definitely do go back for a refill on the soda since you don't know if you are not allowed, no one specifically told you not to.

-Don't get crabby when you lose on the Buzz Lightyear ride, it's just a game.

-Do play a fun game in your head when the lines are really long. It will make the time go faster. I suggest looking at all the girls as they walk by and decide who's outfits you would want to have in your closet.

-Don't miss "Soaring Over California" at California Disney. It's awesome no matter how many times you have been on it.

-Do go to the "Off the Page" building at California Disney. You can sit in a nice, cool room and watch bits and pieces of all the Disney cartoons in a slide show. Do let your face light up when Ariel starts singing.

-Do see "Aladdin, the Musical". You don't want to miss this. Period.

-If you hate heights do make sure to protest loudly that you will not be going on "The Tower of Terror". I think that going on two times in the past is enough to know you will hate it.

-Do be sure to find a comfortable bench in Fantasy land to sit on when you have your early evening meltdown and hit a wall. You will be in good company with the children who are also getting tired. Even if your an adult do allow time for a small meltdown at any theme park.

-Do look around the huge Disney store at Downtown Disney and decide what souvenirs you plan on getting on your way out of the park.

-Don't eat dinner at the park. Take a walk down Harbor and go to a sit down place away from the crowd. Mimi's Cafe makes a good Turkey Pesto Sandwich.

-Do get back to the park before the firework show. It's cool and there is narration by Julie Andrews and it's pretty much the quality you would expect from Disneyland.

-Don't be afraid to listen in on an old couple's conversation and then follow them around the park for awhile because they are a riot.

-As tired as you are don't skip Fantasmic. You will be happy you watched it.

Childhood Disney related memories will come flooding back and you will be awashed it happiness as you leave the park with cool souvenirs in hand.

-Do give a smile to the person (people) you go with and thank them for having a magical day with you.


Pam said...

Nice list of do(s) and don'ts. My list of do(s) includes using the restroom just as you get into the park, not near as crowded as the ones farther inside. Also, look at the faces of little children as they experience Disneyland for the first time. I remember those looks in my own girls' eyes. Also, the big don't is do not ever, under any circumstances, ride the teacups.

Eliza said...

Oh how I love Disneyland!! It sounds like you had fun!

Believe it or not, I have never been to California Adventure! One of these days I really need to get over to The Big D, as my brother Harry calls it. I have only been twice since high school, and those were both in the same summer! (3 years ago)

Maybe sometime in 2010 when Theo is 3 and fully appreciative of the Disney experience I can leave Ida with my parents and take him. I think I will do it! Want to come? :)

Jenn said...

I am down for the Dland pretty much anytime. I have been known to go twice in one week. Season passes are a luxury I don't like to be without. Fantasmic, the Alladin musical, and fireworks are highlights I always look forward to, and the Toy Story ride is awesome.

The people watching (eavesdropping) is also a highlight.