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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

January 2017

We rang in the new year! Ellie and I both had colds right after Christmas but recovered quite nicely at the beginning of January.

Ellie got a new wagon, outdoor swing, and slide for Christmas so she started playing with those when weather permitted. We went to the Discovery Center in Orange County to check out the TMNT exhibit. We had lots of fun. Will be fun to go back when Ellie is a bit older and can reach to play with more things. 

We celebrated Chinese New Year and Rodger's birthday.

We hiked a lot. The cool weather made it great to go up to Big Dalton Canyon. Ellie really loves to be outside running around. She loves the dirt and climbing on stairs. 

Some fun things about January-
Ellie learned how to make the elephant movement by putting her hand next to her nose.
She loves when you tell her to bring a book and picks one out and brings it to you to read.
She is very good about point to objects in her books "Where's the dog?, Where's the elephant?", etc.
Ellie loves to play with her new chalk and marker board and loves to color.
In January she still had a pretty limited vocabulary, just saying Mama, Daddy, baby, and shoe.
Ellie knows how to say cat and dog in Cantonese.

Another great month!

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