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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

November 2016- Ellie 15 Months

 November was not near as busy as October, which was nice.

We took a lot of walks, went to the park, and just spent time together.
We celebrated Grampam's birthday.
Ellie took her first trip to the zoo! Which she loved and so did we!
And we celebrated Thanksgiving.

Ellie developed so much in so many ways during this month.
She repeats and mimics actions all the time.
She says "hi" back to you.
She started to shake her head "no" in November and it still continues to be one of her favorite activities.
She says "baby", which is so cute!
In November, Ellie decided she was a big girl and could sit and stand on a chair while eating at the table.
And she still seems to think she is part dog. She barks when Kona barks and howls when Kona howls. Even when we are walking outside and we hear a dog bark she starts to bark.

Some new favorites developed in November-
She loves spaghetti.
She loves shredded wheat cereal
and she loves to play outside in the dirt and to go to the park and swing and go on the slides.

This baby is getting to be such a cute little toddler!

(Some pictures are blurry, but they are so cute I had to post them anyway.)

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