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Saturday, February 20, 2016

January 2016- Five Months Old

January 3rd our little Bean turned five months old!
January was a big month for Ellie and all of us- Mom went back to work and Dad stayed home the whole month to look after our baby.
It was a big transition for everyone, one that ended up being easier on all of us then we thought it would be.
Ellie and I certainly miss each other during the day but we try our best to make up for it with lots of playing and snuggling at night and on the weekends.

January brought other important developments in the life of little Ellie.
She started growing back her hair
Improved on taking a bottle a bit
Makes a lot of faces and loves to scrunch up her nose
Started reaching for Mom by sticking her arm out towards me
Makes the spitting sound- very cute, especially when she is eating :)
Laughed for the first time (Kona solicited the first laugh and pretty much still is the only one that gets a laugh out of Ellie)
Started to roll over

January brought other fun times-
We went to a Lego Convention
Sat in highchair for first time
Ate cereals and carrots and sweat potatoes for first time
Visited Mount Baldy and played in the snow! (First time seeing snow)
Went to Old Town San Diego and stayed in first hotel, walked around beautiful San Diego
Celebrated Dad's birthday

Another great month for Ellie! And all of us!

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