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Sunday, January 17, 2016

December 2015- 4 months old

On December 3rd our little bean turned four months old
December held a lot of developments for Ellie and a ton of fun times and celebrations.
One of my favorite developments was how Ellie started reaching for and touching my face when she was nursing. She runs her had down my face and neck. I just love it! It is the sweetest!
And she loves to grab onto everyone's faces.
She started making really loud noises and really discovered her voice.
She loves to look at her hands and started reaching for her toes and putting her whole foot in her mouth. And she also loves to pull her socks off and put them in her mouth
She reaches and grabs for her toys and pulls on things.
She started to meet my finger with her tongue.
She has started to sit up with help and balance.
So many fun milestones this month.

We also did a ton of fun things.
We got her first Christmas tree,
met Santa for the first time.
Did lots of Christmas shopping.
Had a day of baking.
Went to a city Christmas parade
Went to her first Hanukkah party
Went to tons of Christmas parties
Sucked on a carrot for the first time
Caught her first cold (not fun)
lots of teething but no teeth yet
Went to cousin Olivia's Christmas dance recital
Met more family 
Went on many walks 

Celebrated her first Christmas and New Year's Eve!
 And so many, many cuddles!

Christmas Party at Beth and Matt's


First Christmas Tree!

Our book advent


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