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Sunday, December 27, 2015

November 2015- 3 Months

November 3rd our little Bean turned three months old.

We continued on our adventures, went on a lot of walks and had a fun day in Pasadena with Grandma and met up with Dad at lunch.
Dad had a few days off from work this month so we got to hang out together and do some fun things including going to Flappy Jack's.
Baby girl started reaching for different things.
She enjoyed spending time in her crib listening to her music after her morning naps.
Our favorite thing continues to be cuddling!
Big milestones included sitting in the Bumbo and the shopping cart!

Ellie celebrated her first Thanksgiving.
We went on our annual hike, had dinner at Auntie Peggy's and then the Longs came for a second Thanksgiving dinner.

Ellie started to play in the bounce seat she borrowed from cousin Olivia.
It is a big hit!

Ellie keeps growing and growing and so do Mom and Dad's hearts!
We are all so in love!


First Thanksgiving!

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