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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pieces of Me/ Pieces of You

I got a Dustbuster for Christmas
I like to go around the house and clean up the bits and pieces of things left behind
things that shouldn't be there

The New Year always brings around cleansing thoughts, cleaning the spaces inside and out that need a good refreshing scrub

And I walk around my house and think
If only we could  clean and dust bust the things in our souls, things left behind, things that never should have been there
The negative things people have said to you that you can't let go
The negative things that you have said to yourself that truthfully you will probably never let go of

The sticky crap that you just hold on to far longer than you ever should have
Other people come along and unload all of their things on you and they move on and you are there wondering what to do with the pieces they left behind, the feelings that you can clean up right away
The feelings that stick around for far, far too long
What to do when all you are at the end is absolutely exhausted?

I have come to learn that I like to clean up other people's messes (maybe more that I like to clean up my own)
I prefer to make excuses for their behavior rather than just accept who they are, where they are, what they are
I like to make those excuses to myself
I like to make them to other people, so that they too can feel okay with what I have justified

Maybe it's denial
Maybe it's love
Mostly it's not wanting to accept what is

I have to learn to let other people clean up their messes
I have to learn to let other people have the feelings they want to have

Because what I need to be doing is blowing off the dust from myself
Working on keeping the light where the light should be
So that when the dust and feelings that don't belong come along then they are quickly blown away
They won't stay there long
They don't need to be there

There are far better feelings and thoughts to put in their place
than the feelings and thoughts that we never should have allowed to be there in the first place

A clean soul
is a free soul
is a soul that can let it go
is a happy soul

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