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Saturday, November 16, 2013

New York New York: Day One

Last week Rodger and I flew to New York to see the big city for the first time and also to visit my cousin Matt. We took the red eye out of Burbank (why can't all airports be like Burbank?) and got into JFK around 5am. We took an insane cab ride from the airport to Matt's apartment in Brooklyn. Seriously it was an insane cab ride. Our driver cut everyone off, someone he cut off threw a bottle at the car and then the cab driver chased after him, he also got into a screaming match with a man in another car driving next to us. Needless to say we were very happy when we safely arrived at Matt's.

We rested for a bit and then Matt took us into the city via the subway. It was a rainy day but we didn't care we were just so excited to be there. We got off the subway in SoHo and pretty much ran into Brad Garrett who played Robert on "Everybody Loves Raymond" (a favorite of mine). I was hoping to see a celebrity while we were there and it didn't take long at all. We went to lunch at Jane's and had an amazing cheeseburger.

Next Matt took us to Times Square. It was pretty touristy and we realized that if we didn't have Matt touring us around the city we would probably have just spent most of our time there and probably would have been eating at the Olive Garden we saw there. It was pouring rain when we were walking around Times Square but like I said it didn't bother us very much. We walked around the different stores (we especially loved the Disney Store).

We made our way over to Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center. They were just as I thought they would be. Turns out we were there the day before they were to put up the tree (we went back and saw it) but they were setting up the scaffolding to decorate it. The ice skating rink was beautiful and the whole environment seemed so festive. We also saw where the Today Show films, which looked so small compared to how it looks on television. Another fun thing that we saw was the Christie's building with a cool dog statue in front of it.

We had a great time walking around and then took the subway back to Brooklyn. We stopped at a bar by Matt's apartment and had a drink, I had a great hot cider w/ rum. Later we went to dinner at an Italian place near by and had such great food including a wonder prosciutto and fig pizza. After dinner we went back to Matt's and watched a movie. We didn't do too much on this night because we were still tired from our flight.

It was a great first day of seeing New York.

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