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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Class of 2013

In the middle of May two of my cousins had graduations.

My cousin Travis graduated from his Air Force ROTC program from San Diego State. A lot of the family went to down to see the ceremony and go out to dinner to celebrate afterwards. Beth, Vickie, and I decided to make a girls trip out of it and stay down there. We stayed at a beautiful hotel in Mission Bay, it had "beautiful grounds". I really would love to go back there.

It was a really nice graduation ceremony and dinner and then the three of us went back to the hotel to relax. It really would have been nice to have had a few more hours in the day to use the pool but we did get a small amount of time in the Jacuzzi. It was nice to have a little getaway and I really enjoyed driving to and from San Diego with Beth.



The next day was a party to celebrate my cousin Natalie graduating from high school. I can't believe she is already going to college. I still remember going to the hospital when she was born. She has grown into a beautiful, intelligent, and witty woman. But what else can you expect from a Creekmur girl? She is going to Claremont College in the fall.

It was a nice weekend of celebrations!

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