Suddenly I See

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pretty in Pink

I had been in search of a tutu for Kona for awhile and finally got my hands on one last week.

I can't get enough of these pictures. She actually chews on it pretty much the whole time she wears it so she probably hates it. And Rodger hates it even more. But I love it.


A little ballerina. Kind of reminds me of an Edgar Degas painting. :)

Also, I am fully aware that this post may make it seem that I need help or a baby. Rest assured I do occasionally see a therapist and also would love to have a baby.

And I really am not ashamed of dressing up my animals


Pam said...

What a pretty little girl.

vickie said...

This is a good first step. Admitting that you need and occasionally seek help that is... Kidding these are adorable and you should enjoy every moment, dog or child!