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Friday, February 15, 2013

A real successful Valentine's Day

 Yesterday's day of love was a good one. I mean I guess they should all be days of love (and they are) but I don't see anything wrong with taking a little time out on specific day and making your loved ones feel special. Rodger said it's just a Hallmark holiday so I told him he can just bring me flowers whenever he wants. ;).

But these are the beautiful flowers he gave me. The tulips are store bought the roses are from our yard. I gifted him with a Yoda Pez and Starbucks card.

We went to see "Die Hard 5" and let me tell you, best Valentine's date ever! I love Bruce Willis and John McClane. It wasn't the best movie ever and it won't win any awards. But I just love these movies. And I am sure it was much better than "Safe Haven". Afterwards we had to stop by Lowe's. I mean it is the day of romance right? But what a shame they were closed.
We had a late dinner of Rodger's steak and then fell asleep.

Romance just abounded.

But seriously it was a nice day. And like I said there's nothing wrong with taking a little time to tell peeps you love them.

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