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Friday, December 21, 2012

Kona Winter

This little girl came to live with us last Tuesday. And we are head over heels in love already. (By we I mean Rodger and I, not so much Sushi).

She is an early Christmas gift for Rodger. I wanted to give her to him on Christmas but it didn't work out logistically.

We debated about the names. I liked Pippa a lot but she really isn't all that girlie. And Rodger liked Nestle. And I liked Winter. And then Rodger came up with Kona and it just sounded really good so we let it sit for a couple days and it seemed to fit. But sometimes I call her Pippa by mistake. But it is definitely Kona. I can't imagine the debacle of naming our cchildren.

She is a good little girl (for the most part). The potty situation is a bit confusing for her but she gets it sometimes. She stays in the bathroom while we are at work and is so happy when we come home. She chases us and carries around a stick in the yard. She hops when she runs. She bites on to pants and drags things around. And she LOVES cat food.

She also loves Rodger's Christmas village. She likes to drag around the big Christmas tree from the village. And she had an accident in it. The villagers have seen a lot of unrest this Christmas :).

Kona has been a lot of fun. Sushi hasn't loved it but it's gone better than I thought. And I think she will get used to it. She still loves us and sleeps by us at night. What more could you want?

She is a sweetheart and I am excited for everyone to meet her.

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