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Sunday, September 30, 2012

News you can use

I got my hair colored on Friday.

It is now brown and I also got bangs. Big happenings. My hair just couldn't take anymore bleach so I decided to go for a darker color for fall. Hopefully my hair will look a little healthier also. (Also, I have to say for someone who hated their boobs for all of high school and most of college I have to say my boobs are looking pretty good lately)! Of course, it could just be that my self-esteem is higher than it was then. Maybe to high?

And, big news. We bought a house!

It's so cute. We will probably move in early November. I probably won't have pictures of it until we do our final walk-through before we get to move in. It's exciting for sure. Now we just have to pack up all our crap again. This will be the fourth move in three and a half years. Luckily I haven't unpacked everything this time. I will miss the walk-in closet here and not having a water bill. We really do like this apartment but it will be great to have our own house!

Oh, and of course, our niece continues to get cuter. We saw her yesterday. The way she sleeps is so cute with her arms above her head. I wish I had gotten a picture. Next time!

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Jenn said...

LOVE the hair. Congrats on the house (and the boobs)!