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Friday, April 27, 2012

Freckle Face

It's funny how things you hate about yourself when you are little you come to love as you get older. Is it because of a better self esteem or because you realize you can't change it so you might as well love it?

 I wasn't a big fan of my freckles when I was growing up. A more truer statement might be that I thought other people didn't like them so I didn't like them. Once can only have "Freckle Face" hurled at them so many times before it becomes a negative thing.

I thought freckles were cute on other people, I just didn't really want them on my own face. Or the patch on the back of my arm.

I used to put lemon juice on my face (a la Jan Brady) to try and get them to be lighter. Little didn't I know how much character they added and how much I would grow to love them. My freckles are a part of me and a part of me that I like. I still get a little surprised when people say "I like your freckles". Funny how things rude kids say to you can really stick. I do remember some people telling me that they are "Angel's kisses". I think that's cute. But the mean stuff stuck more.

I would say that it took me to my twenties to really think they were at all cute and now I love them and I even look forward to the sun and Summer making them darker.

P.S. I have also gotten use to that weird triangle shaped white spot under my chest that won't tan. Hated it when I was a teenager, never think about it now.

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Pam said...

Thank goodness we get more comfortable in our skin as we get older. Also, MOST adults aren't nearly as mean as kids. You would not be you without those wonderful freckles. By the way, how come you never told me kids were making fun of them? I would have beat them up for you......