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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Married Life with the Longs

Married life update.

We bought a new bed. We just had a frame before.

It took us a couple of laps through Ikea to decide on the color. It was either this gray brown or dark brown but we decided to add some variety with the gray brown as most our furniture is dark brown. And you know, we love gray. It was a big decision for a couple who has trouble making joint decisions and thankfully no one got hurt. Well that's not entirely true because when we set up the bed I kept walking into the footboard because I wasn't used to it being there. That left a couple of bruises. And then when we put the mattress back on we put it on the opposite side that it is usually on and even though it is a double pillow top the one side isn't as comfortable and was making my leg sore. It only took me about a week to figure out that it was the mattress. And the past couple of days are the first time my leg hasn't been sore in like almost three weeks. No worries though, because I noticed that now I have a bone bump on the base of the ring finger of my right hand that is causing pain up my entire arm. As I told Vickie, please pray for my bone bump. We will just have to hope for the best.

In other news, Rodger and I got a singing monkey on clearance at Target. I have no audio to share but let me tell you he came here to dance, dance, dance, dance wearing all his favorite brands, brands, brands, brands. Either Rodger and I will press the little guys button and we just start dancing. It's similar to my dancing at the wedding, just to give a mental picture. Everyone feel free to come over for a dance party.

I like to keep things spontaneous in our marriage. You know like leaving funny pictures of Rodger on his nightstand. And then with that picture I also like to put my fake tooth that I found while cleaning out my closet.

And then with that picture I also like to put my fake tooth that I found while cleaning out my closet. (upper left corner for those of you who have never needed a tooth "flap")

Also, it's spontaneous when after flossing to put the used floss on his pillow. That brings big laughs (from me).

Rodger likes to tell me he is head of household. Like if we need to make a decision he will say what he wants and then say that we should do that because he is head of household. To which I erupt in giggles. So cute that nut. And he asks "why I am laughing". Thankfully for everyone's sake he appears to be kidding.

That's the happenings around here for all those longing for an update on the Longs.

P.S. let's not mention to Rodger that I posted these pictures. I don't think the head of household would like it too much. But how can you not love that little guy who had to hold the knife while blowing out the candles? Just couldn't wait to dive into the cake. Kind of looks like Harry Potter. If the wizard was Asian.


vickie said...

I have to say he looked like an Asian Harry Potter to me as well. Took me a moment to realize it was a knife and not a wand, and somehow I was relieved by this fact.

The tooth and the floss are disgusting and you should really dial that back a bit... No one, no matter the legal obligation, wants to get into bed next to that. And I meant the tooth and the floss, not you of course.

Katie said...

So I take it you didn't like the picture of the chunk of food in the floss that I texted you last night?

Pam said...

Too funny. Glad the head of household has a sense of humor. This was a great post.

Matt said...

Let's never text me any pics of anything like that...k?

Eliza said...

omg...I laughed constantly throughout this post and the comments.

keep 'em coming, creekmurs! (and longs and gerlachs)