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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photo A Day , Day Eight, Day Nine, Day Ten

Day Eight: Your Sky

This is outside on our balcony. The sky is gorgeous tonight (I mean on Day Eight :) )

Day Nine: Daily Routine

It inevitably involves dishes. But it's fine because we have a dishwasher.

Day Ten: Childhood

(A picture of a picture)

My childhood had a lot to do with my cat Caliope. (and my cat Thumper). I loved them so much and still do. Caliope was my girl. Such a big purr and a big heart. She was certainly a member of the family. When I slept on a raised bed she would climb up the wood ladder to get to me and then gave herself bad legs to jump down. She was my baby. I would dress her up, put clips in her hair, and wrap her like a baby. When she got sick in December of 2001 we thought we were going to lose her. But she hung on for nine more months until she died in our living room. I was in class and drove home when Vickie called me to say Caliope wasn't breathing well. I got home just in time to say goodbye before she moved on. I know she was waiting for me to say goodbye before she let go. At the time it was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. But I felt so lucky to have gotten to be her Mama and love her all those years. I often have dreams about her and she is still alive and she isn't sick. I like to think of her that way. What a good cat and friend she was to us.

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Pam said...

She was probably the best cat ever and most certainly the prettiest.