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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Look at Me!

I never thought I would be this organized.

I put together a small folder of pertinent information for the wedding, more accessible than my big wedding planner, and more slimmed down to what is left to do, etc.

I have a list of things left to do, a calendar of dates, my response cards all logged into a spreadsheet with names, address, response, number of people, name for place card, and table# assigment.

Who is this girl? Am I turning into Vickie?

Now if I had just confirmed my fitting appointment for my dress. Oh well, second times the charm.

1 comment:

vickie said...

This is great! I love a good list or 3... Now I know that if I have passed on anything in this life, it is my attention to detail and my love or organization!

Well done!