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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WindStorm 2011- Escape to the Mall

Coming home on Friday from work to a cold dark apartment didn't have us wanting to stay there long so we headed to the mall.

Rodger's sister Anna, Bruce, his friend, Marina and Luis, and their kids met up with us and we had a grand time. We shopped, laughed, talked, and ate at Johnny Rockets. At some point Rodger and I ended up with just the kids, we were pushing a stroller, and doing potty breaks. We grow up so fast.
The mall was decked out in holiday fare.

We even kicked back on Santa's chair.

The evening ended with some of us going to Dave and Busters for games and drinks.

We sucked all the electricity out of the mall that we could but we eventually had to go home. We were hoping for electricity at our place but it was still dark when we got there. It was fun to walk in the door to the smell of a Christmas from all of the holiday candles we were burning.

Some things we learned from the power outage-
-The second night of shadow puppets is not quite as fun as the first.
-It's not fun to listen to your neighbor's generator while you sit in the dark.
-Having one useful flashlight in the house is not enough.
-It sucks having to throw away unused good food. This is where not being well stocked comes in handy though. We didn't have to throw away to many perishables because we didn't really have many and the milk was expired anyway.
We need television. It's good for our relationship.
-We have really sweet neighbors across the hall. We stood in the hall and listened to the neighbors having sex in one of the apartment downstairs. I really like our neighbors across the hall though. They are very nice.
-No electricity is a good excuse not to clean (not that I need anymore good excuses).
-When you have a dishwasher and the power goes out that means you don't have to do dishes.
-My love affair with sleep continues strong. Rodger couldn't believe that I felt back to sleep during the crazy windstorm. And the following two nights I didn't mind the dark at night. Too dark to do anything might as well go to bed at 9pm. However, I do like to fall asleep with the television on.

Power came back at 5am Saturday morning right in time for an episode of Roseanne.

We survived the great WindStorm of 2011. Should we make shirts?

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