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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Swishing Apartments

In a few weeks Rodger and I are moving to a new apartment.

We are very excited. When I say that I mean that we are excited about being in the new place not actually the moving part. I hate moving. And we are moving from a third floor apartment to a second floor apartment. Yikes. And we have a lot of crap. Double yikes! Volunteers are welcome.

We will miss some things about where we live now. Actually there are only two things that we will miss. One being the huge bathtub/shower and two being the location. It's been fun living so close to stores, restaurants, and a movie theater.

There are many things I am looking forward to about the new apartment.
  • Central air conditioning, let's say it again, central air conditioning. After this past week or so of intense heat that is a very welcome thought. Right now we just have an air conditioner in the living room and on the third floor it can get pretty hot. It will be so nice to sleep in the bedroom with the air conditioning on.
  • Huge walk-in closet all to myself (Rodger is taking the closet in the second bedroom). I am so excited about this. Every time I miss my glorious bathtub I will think of my big walk-in closet.
  • A balcony that we can have a barbecue on. It will be nice to sit outside and have some BBQ. Very excited about that. I can already taste the masterpieces that Rodger will BBQ.
  • Dishwasher! Dishwasher! Dishwasher! Dishwasher! Dishwasher! Dishwasher! Dishwasher! Dishwasher! Can not wait for that. I know everyone says that they don't get dishes clean. I don't care, however they come out looking will be what we eat on. (Who wants to come over for dinner?)
  • More cupboard space in the kitchen. I have no cupboard space now.
  • Pool and Jacuzzi. We have a pool now so a Jacuzzi will be a nice addition.
So that's the new from around here. Will post pictures of the place when I can. I think we are going to see it next week so hopefully I can take some pictures.

If you need me I will be knee-deep in Home Depot boxes packing things that I probably should just get rid of. It's always nice to move things to your new place and unpack it there and realize how ridiculous it is that you moved it.


Pam said...

I would love to come over for dinner.

Eliza said...

lol at the dishwasher bit.

Where are you moving to?? I guess you could e-mail me that since you probably don't want to broadcast it all over the internet.