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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Palm Springs June 2011

(image via Google)

The second weekend of June Rodger and I, along with the Madores, my Mom, and my Aunt Peggy all went for a little get-away to Palm Springs.

We suntanned, swam, hot-tubbed, shopped, ate, gambled and chatted.

There was CPK, Shakeys, and a little Mexican restaurant. And there was also the best Coke in Circle K Styrofoam cups (to stay cold from the heat). So sweet and cold!
It was a great time! There's nothing like that nice dry heat of Palm Springs and that beautiful flat rock mountain. I love that mountain.

There is also nothing quite like the Hilton in Palm Springs. Great rooms with the most comfortable mattresses and bedding, great drinks, and big pool and hot tubs.

I am always up for a getaway to Palm Springs!

I can't believe I didn't get a single picture of PaulMadore. He was there though, I remember because he made us all laugh quite often. Especially when he told us that he put Vickie down for a nap because she was getting crabby.

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