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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Flowers, Mason Jars, and Colors

I have been getting some decoration ideas together for the wedding. I even emailed a florist today for ideas and prices. For colors I think we are pretty set on grey, light pink, and cream/ivory. Obviously (from the below pictures) mason jars are going to be in the mix and I love the idea of loose looking flowers, kind of a natural garden look.

Not all of these pictures are of the colors we want but it's more just to give an idea of the style we are looking for. I am waiting to hear back from the florist to see what flowers are in season that would work well with what we want.

There are some trees at the ceremony/reception site so it could work to hang these candle mason jars on the trees.

Definitely want to have a candy table with different candies in our wedding colors.

I really like the idea of having mason jars hang on the chairs facing the aisle.

These are the type of table centerpieces I want to do, have several different vases in the middle of the table.

Like these but without the glass rocks at the bottom.

So does anyone know where I can get cheap mason jars or any other type of glass jars? We also want to offer pink lemonade and lemon water in jars during cocktail hour so we will need quite a few jars.


vickie said...

Craigslist. And I will see what I can find as well... Or you can ask the company that you with for the rentals?!?

Katie said...

Do you have an AC Moore (arts & craft store)? They sell them by the case! (but maybe that is just in the sticks of winchester, va!). Also garage sales just send them through the dishwasher. but again...I live in