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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Katie and Pam's Big Trip: Day One

Let's start by saying we took the "red eye" Wednesday night (the 1st) from the Long Beach airport. It was Mom's first time flying. It was a bit of a bumpy ride. I felt so bad because it really isn't normally that bad. I got a little concerned when about 45 minutes in she leaned over and said "I want to get off". There was very little sleep on that flight but we made it to Dulles in one piece.

Eliza's husband, Matt, met us at the airport. As it was so early we settled in for a small slumber. Eliza provided us with wonderful accommodations. (She has the cutest house).

After our rest we chatted and came up with some plans. We decided to drive into Georgetown. Very cute little town. We had Johnny Rockets for lunch and walked around the town.

There was a great view of the Kennedy Center (which I hadn't seen before) from the river.

My buddy Theo. He is the sweetest little boy.

Before driving back to Eliza's house she drove us around the Capitol and we got to see some of the big sites (Capitol Building, White House, Washington Monument, etc.) Mom said that she shed a tear when seeing the Washington Monument because she didn't expect to ever get to see it. In fact she said that a lot during this trip. I am so proud of her for getting on a plane. Now that she has done it a whole world has literally been opened to her.

View of the Capitol Building from the car.

Back at Eliza's house she made us her great wheat waffles for dinner and we chatted for awhile. Then Eliza and I watched Matt water his newly planted grass in the backyard. I am sure he loved us just standing there staring at him, lol.

Thursday was a long day and we were tired but we were so excited to be there and looking forward to the fun days ahead.

To be continued....

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Eliza said...

It was so fun to have you here. Can't wait for more pictures...since I didn't take any I will be stealing them all!