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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Soapboxes, Dogs, and a Horse, OH MY!

Last Saturday, the 21st was a full one for Rodger and me.

We started off the morning going to the Soap Box Races in Downtown Los Angeles. I was expecting a little kid competition but it's actually adults dressed in thematic costumes who race the cars.

We took the Gold line to Union Station and then made the long walk to Grand and Fifth.

Here are some of the costumes that we liked best.

Jurassic Park

Angry Birds

Justin "Beaver"

Kobe (Pau was around also)

Rodger said that they only have these every few years in L.A. You should try to check it out next time it is here. (Jenn- I was thinking Ryan would like it a lot.) While there we also got a bacon-wrapped hot dog from a food truck. Let me tell you that was quite the treat.

Our day moved on from there to Keira's 4th birthday party. I think we had more fun than should be allowed at a little girl's party. Rodger's cousins and sisters are so funny. We ate, talked, played with dogs. There was arts and crafts, babies, pinatas, and even a horse.

Plus get a load of this little guy. I spent a great deal of the party devising a plan to take him home with me.

His name is Alex. So cute, right?

My crown (which I lost at the party)

Rodger's cousin, Reno (with his face painted)

Rodger and Pebbles

The Birthday Girl

I told you there was a horse!

A very nice and busy day! ( I didn't even have time for a nap.)

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