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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little Adventure # 1- San Diego Wild Animal Park

I have completed my first of "29 little adventures" (I will not be completing them in the order that they were listed when I blogged the list).

A couple of weekends ago Rodger and I went to San Diego for a little get-away. (I will blog about that later).


We had a great time, so great we even became annual pass holders (it wasn't much more that buying a day pass and you get to go to the San Diego Zoo also and it came with free guest passes and discount tickets, alright, I am done justifying it). First, we went on the "Africa Tram" and I was more than a little disappointed that there were no lions in the whole park, especially given that there is a lion on the cover of the park map. Apparently they are remodeling and this summer the lions will be back with a new exhibit and there will be a new "Cheetah Run". Good thing we have passes so we can come back and check it out. After I got done whining and pouting about the lack of lions I realized there was a lot more to see, including two tiger cubs and their mama. Every time the mama tiger moved she would yell out so that her cubs could follow her.

And then there were the elephants and as most of you know I love these creatures. There was one particular elephant that caught our attention. Let's just say he had a bit of a "fifth leg". Poor guy, everyone was laughing and gawking at him (including me). It was pretty unbelievable. Needless to say he had an exhibit all to himself. He was the father to three babies with three different elephant mothers since November. I think this is pretty much the last I can speak of this beast before my family makes me get professional help. I may or may not have brought this subject up to anyone who will listen (maybe even my grandparents). I don't think anyone wants to hear about it anymore, but if you do let me know and we can talk. It really was something.

Next to this one male elephant was a whole separate exhibit for the rest of the elephants. There were about fifteen of them including the three babies. Just the cutest!! The babies were running around, ears flapping in the wind. I think we stood there for an hour watching. I just couldn't get enough of them. They are such beautiful animals.

Aside from the animals the landscape there is spectacular. One really could spend hours walking around looking at the greenery and animals.

I loved this Okapi. He came right up to the fence to see us.

Excited for our next visit.

One of twenty-nine complete.

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