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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Late to "the show" (as usual)

When it comes to the music scene I am definitely a "Johnny Come Lately". I never really know about a song or new artist until it is on the radio. Lately, I have been listening to Pandora at work and because of this I have been introduced to some "new" artists. By "new" I mean new to me, probably old news to everyone else.

One artist I have come to enjoy is Lenka. I especially love this song.

She's so cute and she has a quirky, fun, sounding voice.

Another recent discovery for me is Ingrid Michaelson. I had heard of her and I knew a lot of people liked her but I had never given her a real listen. She's great. I really like her songs but I think my favorite is "You and I". And I also love "Turn to Stone" (and after being on YouTube for a couple of minutes I realize this was the song playing when Izzy and Alex got married on "Grey's Anatomy" so apparently I was listening to Ingrid but didn't even know it).

What are some other ones that I should listen to by her? I love her voice.

I won't go into the fact that I have just recently started listening to Regina Spektor. I wouldn't want anyone to think I have been living under a rock.

Rodger and I are also loving this song right now.

I had heard of "The Plain White T's" before. This just happens to be the first of their songs that I have really liked.

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