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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hawaii Day Six: Maui

We flew into Maui early this morning. We took an inter island flight with Hawaiian Airlines. (We saw a prisoner being taken through security, he was shackled in an orange jumpsuit, very interesting). It's about a twenty minute flight from Oahu to Maui, just enough time to drink a small juice cup. We rented a convertible for Maui and got a white Ford Mustang.

We took that Mustang on the Road to Hana. I was nervous about this journey because I have heard it is nauseating and difficult to maneuver, but Rodger drove the whole way there and back and did a great job. The whole thing took about six hours, three hours to get there and about three to get back. You have to take the same route back as you do going out.

A couple of miles into the drive and it started pouring rain which didn't make the drive any easier but it was pretty cool.

We stopped at one of the mile markers and climbed a trail back to a waterfall. Once there we decided why not just jump in for a swim. The water was pretty cold but it felt refreshing and the whole experience was a lot of fun. That alone made the 36 miles of winding road worth it.

I had to stick my head under the waterfall, reminded me of Raging Waters. Rodger braved the swim also, not so much on putting his head under the waterfall.

The other major stop we made along the way was at a black lava beach. This place was so cool. We climbed rocks in flip flops and swim suits, it was fun to just keep it simple and explore. There was so much to look at and enjoy. My feet are completely stained now and my leg is scratched up but it felt good to be adventurous.

We have so many more beautiful pictures from the drive, these are just a few to give a taste of what the drive and views were like. When we were done with drive we made our way to the hotel and checked in. We are staying in the same hotel as we did last year when we were here and they upgraded our room to a suite again. It's newly remodeled and beautiful. I will post some pictures of it tomorrow. It's really great. Tonight we had dinner at the hotel and walked the beach. After that we met up with Rodger's friend and his friend's girlfriend who are visit Maui also. We met at a bar and had a drink and I had dessert. Fun fact- Paris Hilton ate there yesterday. The bar tender said no one really paid any attention to her (or asked her for any blow). Guess she came on the wrong day, had I been there I would have asked for a picture.

So we are back in our room and I am exhausted, been up since 5:30 am, and no nap (that should be against the law when you are on vacation, one nap at least per day should be mandatory), but it was a wonderful, happy and very exciting day. ;)

Goodnight from Maui.

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Pam said...

I think you left out the most exciting part of the day!