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Monday, June 21, 2010

"The Fluke is the Duke of Soul"

Saturday found Rodger and I at Disneyland. We bought a three day park hopper pass for the Summer. Mostly we were excited to see the new "World of Colors" show at Disney California. It was a fun day. There were some low points, aka when I bit it hard in front of the Magic Castle. But mostly we just had a lot of fun. There is something about Disneyland that, dare I say, is so magical. Exciting news though, there is going to be a "Little Mermaid" ride at Disney California opening next year. I have been waiting for this forever. I just love that movie.

Funny story, when we were waiting by "Soarin Over California" a visitor was getting in a fight with one of the workers. They were yelling back and forth and the visitor finally said "you can't act like this, your a cast member". This guy gets real into Disney.

Already excited about the next two upcoming visits.

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