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Friday, January 29, 2010

Mr. Fluff

Rodger's dog always makes me laugh.

He such a good dog. Always excited to see me. Always excited to do a trick for a treat. (Kind of like Rodger).

And he is very pretty. And well behaved. Except when he does a trick and you have no treat to offer. But you can't blame him. He feels taken. You know like working and then not getting a paycheck.

The best thing about this dog though is that he smiles.

One time he humped me. That was a little weird. But funny. And, of course, he was smiling. Who wouldn't?

Being a cat person Fluff is pretty much the first dog that I have had a solid relationship with which is kind of cool because Rodger is pretty much the first guy I have had a solid relationship with.

Oh and one time he got caught on a sticky mouse trap and had to be shaved. Which is kind of funny when your name is Fluff.

Oh and one time I was dropping Rodger off at his house after we were on vacation and Fluff ran to me first. That means something, I think.

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hanner said...

all i needed to do was read "mr. fluff" and that made my night. i'll go to bed now.