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Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Love Showers (and baths)!

I'm in my apartment listening to the rain. It is pouring! And thundering and lightening and you know we Californians don't react well to any kind of "weather". But I am kind of loving sitting in my apartment, cuddling with Sushi, listening to the rain. When I lived at home and it was raining I would always leave my window open so I could listen to the rain. I don't do that here. The window is too far from my bed and my heater isn't working so it gets a little cold. There is a window right above my bathtub, so I can listen to the rain while taking a bath and that is really enjoyable. I think that this storm is going to last until Saturday. It will be nice to be able to stay home while it is raining on Saturday. I don't enjoy driving in the stormy weather so much but curled up in bed and watching television I love it.

Whenever it rains I always think of one of my favorite country songs. It's called "Songs About Rain" by Gary Allen. Here is the video.

I am going to spend my evening enjoying the rain and wishing that my heater worked and hoping that my bed covers aren't too cold. I have started taking hot baths right before I go to bed and then putting my pajamas on to keep the warmth in. It seems to be working, not as well as a heater would but nonetheless it works.

Sleep tight and if you are anywhere in Southern California enjoy the rain.

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Eliza said...

I also leave the window open to listen to the rain (as long as it is warm enough), and I also take hot baths right before bed to warm myself up. Because here it gets pretty cold and our bedroom window needs replacing! Anyway, I can also attest that the bath thing really works.