Suddenly I See

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My blog needs some lovin

I just clicked on my blog and realized I haven't posted in a week. Yikes. I have just been a little busy this week I guess.

I would have posted more, I do have things to post about but Rodger and I had a glorified slumber party for a couple of days/nights and we were just busy running around. And by running around I mean going to Target and even on an actual run. (All downhill for me, which according to my dad is the hardest part. Maybe he was just being nice but I'll take it). And when we weren't doing that we were drinking chocolate malts and making fresh salmon and watching old "Kitchen Nightmares" episodes on Hulu.

I will be posting more. I need to post all the great pictures from my cousin's wedding last weekend. So I will be back with that post.


vickie said...

How funny that I was just thinking that I was missing your posts... Get to work!

Pam said...

What is hulu? Hope I am not going to be embarrased like I was with the Groundhogs Day reference.