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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Barefoot with no keys

I locked myself out again. Rodger was with me this time but he didn't bring his keys. It was kind of like the "Friends" episode where Monica says "got the keys" and both Rachel and her think the other one has them. It was kind of like that except that we both thought I had them and when we got home I realized they weren't in my purse.

I made the embarrassing walk to the land lady's (there has to be a better term for this person) apartment and asked to borrow my key. She is the nicest lady, she even took care of Sushi while I was in Palm Springs, but I think she is getting tired of this routine. This is third or fourth time I have asked her for a key. She handed me a key and said "I hope this works because it's the only one I have". It had the number 33 on it which is not my apartment number. Not surprisingly it didn't work.

Next we drove to my parents house to get a key. On the way over though my bottle of Dr. Pepper exploded all over my jeans. Nice and sticky. Got to love that. I got the key and we made our way back.

Finally we are in the nice air conditioned living room and I look for my phone, nope not in my purse. Really, why would it be? Must be in my car. If you don't feel bad for me let me add that there are three flights of stairs from the garage to my apartment. After the 3rd time up or down the stairs I started to use the elevator. I decide that if I am going down to the garage I might as well take the trash with me. In order to get to the trash bins from the garage you have to go out a door, which I was never given a key for. Until very recently it didn't matter because one of the roll up garage doors was always open. No,not tonight. Why would it be? So if I want to get back into the garage after dumping my trash (including a big bag of cat litter) I need to keep this door open. I decide the only thing I can do is prop it open with one of my sandals. This next part is still making me a little sick to my stomach. I had to walk across the concrete trash area with one barefoot to throw my trash away. If you don't feel bad for me let me add that some of my neighbors have a hard time getting their trash in the actual bins. My trash is thrown away and I have my phone but now I think a Tetanus shot may be in order.

I'd like to say this type of situation is a rare occurrence, but it's actually pretty commonplace for me. Will I learn to double check for my keys? I will try. I really will. Organization is a never ending goal for me.

Does my disorganization/scatterbrainedness annoy you? Sometimes, like tonight, I really annoy myself.

Now I am going to shower and SCRUB my feet and enjoy what is left of my Dr Pepper.

In other apartment news a new neighbor moved in. Very nice lady. She is trying to figure out how to bring a piano up to the third floor. I am kind of hoping that if she does get it up here that A) I am home to see it because that will be quite the sight I am sure and B) she invites me over and teaches me how to play and just like Phil Connors I will pick it up in no time.


Pam said...

Ah Katie - what can I say except who is Phil Conners?

Katie said...

Who is Phil Conners? Should I bring my copy of Groundhog's Day over. I can speak for myself, Rodger, and Eliza when I say that we are disapointed you don't know who Phil Conners is.

Jenn said...

I am disappointed as well. You must make your mom watch the movie at once.

About the key thing. Don't feel bad. I am constantly forgetting my keys or my phone. Today I left my keys my car dangling from the ignition while I was at work for 8 HOURS!

Alexandra said...

It's all about the spare key hidden outside somewhere. We have one and it's seriously the best thing in my life.

My other trick is my leaving-the-house mantra. "Phone wallet keys phone wallet keys phone wallet keys." Sometimes I still forget them because I think they're in my bag and they're not, but I've gotten waaaay better.