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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mmmmm Donuts

My incentive to get out of bed on time this morning was the chocolate bar I had promised myself the night before. I could taste it. I had to have it. I do these small things in the morning as a self incentive program. It works for me.

I get to the donut place and look in my purse for my debit card. I was planning on going to 7-11 to get cash back because the donut store only takes cash. I rummage through my purse looking for the card because my it just never makes its way to my wallet. No debit card. It was then that I remembered that it had to be in my jeans pocket from the night before. A small bead of sweat forms on my forehead. I have to have this donut, but all I have is my Amex card and not enough time to go home, what to do? I have a lot of change in my car, 90% of it being pennies. I dig every where and come up with 85 cents. About 20 cents is pennies. I shamefully make my way to the donut store and once inside some of my change drops. Please don't let it be one of my precious dimes! After much searching I almost give up but the lady behind me finds the dime. Thank God! I go to the counter and ask for my donut. Only 80 cents, I start counting. Why do people give you the craziest look when you give them change?. There is a certain shame that comes from paying with change, doubled when you are paying with pennies. I got the feeling the donut guy would have rather given me a free donut then to watch me count my change.

Donut in hand and four pennies to spare I leave but not before the ear piece falls out of my phone and my phone falls out of my pocket. Just a regular Thursday morning for me.

It was worth the counting, shame, and fumbling, the chocolate bar was great!

Me and Homer Simpson, nothing stops us when it comes to donuts.


vickie said...

OMG that is HYSTERICAL!!!!! I am laughing my ass off... Thank you!

Pam said...

Great post. Thank goodness the fine folks at Christy's Donuts are so nice. There really is nothing like a fresh donut to get your morning going. Make mine maple.

Jenn said...

I think its more that they were like, "This girl has no money and her priority with her change is donuts?" That is a funny story!