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Monday, February 16, 2009

San Diego Recap


12- drive to san diego, stop at in & out
3- check into hotel
afternoon- walk around bay and seaport village
late afternoon- take a nap
evening- walk to little italy, eat sushi (makes sense right)
night- go to target, buy a movie
-go back to hotel, watch Manchurian candidate, fall asleep half-way through


9- wake up, eat hotel breakfast
10- drive to san diego zoo
morning- through early afternoon-
- take bus tour and walk around zoo
-look at animals, did you know panda bears like to live alone without any other pandas. they are solitary creatures. wonder if thousands of people staring at them bothers them
- stare at polar bears, think about lost and will we ever know why there are polar bears on the island (or do we know and i missed it because i don't watch regularly anymore)
-risk my life on the sky buckets, curse myself for agreeing to go on the stupid things, and break into a sweat while hanging in the air by a wire
-walk around zoo some more, stare at tigers napping together so cute, i would love to cuddle with them. somehow i find this idea less scary than going back on the sky buckets
-walk around some more, whine and complain about my feet hurting
2- leave the zoo
2:30- back to target
3- wendys for lunch, take back to hotel to eat, take a nap
early evening- watch live free or die hard
6- take train to old town san diego, get verbally assaulted by drugged-out girl, not too scared until we get off and the boyfriend says glad she didn't have a knife. hadnt thought about that
7- eat at coyote cafe, rekindle my love affair with their homemade tortillas
8- get back on god-awful train and listen to another druggie talk to himself and pound his fists against window, get to hotel, make pact with each other never to ride that train again- too risky
10- watch rest of Manchurian candidate, go to sleep


9- wake up, eat hotel breakfast
10- drive through storm back home
1- come home, go to target, yoshinoya, pavilions, wendys
2- back home, watch groundhogs day, take nap
3:30 boyfriend leaves, i miss him being around me for every minute for 3 days
9- write this blog, love my 3 day weekend

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