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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Digs

Did I mention I am moving?

This is my new apartment.

Move in day is Sunday. Realistic move in day is more like a week from Sunday. This all happened rather quickly. I just saw the place, really liked it and went for it. I haven't been actively looking for a place, just waiting for something nice and affordable to come along. So this came along and I feel good about it. I don't have anything packed besides what is still packed from when I moved home. I need a fridge, couch, new desk, and lamp. Everything else I am going to wait on to see what I have when I unpack.

I looked at the place on Sunday and put the deposit down yesterday. I feel like I should be overwhelmed about all of this but I'm not. I don't mind taking my time to move in. I'm a "slow to adapt child", it takes me awhile to get used to new situations.

Anyhow, I am excited!!!!!!! Can't wait for everyone to come over and see the place.


Eliza said...

yay! it's nice!!

vickie said...

I am very excited to check this place out! See you on Sat!

Alexandra said...

Hey, exciting!!!!

And happy belated birthday too...hope you did something fun!

vickie said...

I think that Jenn meant to post this on your page... :)

"I can't wait to see it. I'm so excited: you live right between my place and my parents. For book club in a couple weeks, I'll walk over to your house and we can walk the rest of the way together. Yay!"

Jenn said...

Yep, I'm slow sometimes.