Suddenly I See

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Yesterday was Rodger's 24th birthday (Happy Birthday Rodger!). There were a couple of birthday celebrations for him. Saturday night I took him to Houston's in Pasadena and then we had cupcakes and ice cream at home with my parents. Then last night I went to his house for dinner with his family.

I made Rodger cupcakes this year and going with the "24" theme incorporated his favorite Laker (maybe favorite person?????) #24- Kobe Bryant. I was pretty proud of my cleverness. Just some Kobe pictures printed on the computer, some skewers, and tape, and voila, some homemade birthday treats.

I must say that if we are keeping girlfriend points (and we are) I think I scored a couple of three pointers here.

Hope you had a very Happy Birthday Rodger, I love you!!!!!


vickie said...

What would have made this all better is if you had lit the flags like candles and all the pictures of Kobe had gone up in flames... Now that is something that you can do for my birthday.

Eliza said...

Hmm, I like Vickie's idea.

Super cute cupcakes, Katie. Good ol' Kobe! Although I have to say I really don't follow the Lakers anymore...or any basketball at all. When I did, he was still #8. Shows you how long it's been...

Pam said...

The Kobecakes were delicious!