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Monday, December 22, 2008

Tinsel Triathlon 2008

A new holiday tradition is the Tinsel Triathlon. Rodger and my dad do the race and my mom and I watch (Everyone is welcome to come and spectate as well). This is the second year that they participated.

The race was last Sunday the 14th. It was a REALLY COLD morning in Hemet. I wore about 5 layers and I was just standing around. I have no idea how any of the participants dealt with the cold. I guess moving at the fast pace helps.

Rodger did so great, he even passed my dad in the run. But then my dad passed him on the bike. How many times do I need to suggest that they just stay together before they actually take my advice? Then maybe they could hold hands at the finish line. That would be cute right? J/K!

Cute butt!

If you put these two pictures together then there is one good one. Well we tried, I guess people don't feel like having their pictures taken when they are half naked in the 40 degree weather.

Proud girlfriend! Could I be wearing any more clothes?

Good job Dad and Rodger. Time to start training for the Tinsel Triathlon 2009!

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