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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Probably in my top five favorite things about Christmas is the tree. I always look forward to getting it and bringing it home to decorate. This year it was fun picking out the tree in actual winter like weather. I like that much better than getting it in 80 plus degrees weather.

This year's tree is BEAUTIFUL!

We had a great time decorating it and listening to Christmas music. It's always fun to reminisce while hanging all of the ornaments.

The tree in its natural beauty.

I love showing the cats where they can do the most damage.

I love the lights and please note the Santa tree topper, a Christmas tree staple at our house. Rodger said he is "leaning like a cholo". (spelling?)

The finished product. She is a beauty.


Pam said...

The tree is a beauty. I think actually one of our best.

Beth said...

Very cute! You should come down and see mine one of these days :) I definitely missed you at the party on Saturday! Love you <3