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Saturday, December 6, 2008

"OJ Simpson not a Jew"

This is not a Favorite part of Christmas post and I know I missed posting one yesterday. I was busy and didn't even go on the computer but I will post two or three today or tomorrow and that will make up for it. Fair enough right?

So anyways I am interrupting my Holiday Season posts to comment on the OJ Simpson sentencing yesterday. The title of the post is from Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song so it sort of Holiday(ish). Anyhow, OJ's sentencing was a topic of discussion at work, home, and my work Christmas party yesterday. My thoughts are that this guy is just lucky he is not serving a life sentence for killing two people and he has been out of jail this whole time until he committed another crime which brings me to my next point. If you murder two people and get away with it why wouldn't you just move away and live a quiet life and stay out of trouble?

I think Jimmy Kimmel summed it up best last night on his show-

"For those keeping score at home that's no jail term served for murdering two people, fifteen years for stealing back your old football cards."

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Pam said...

I call it Kharma. His ego is so big he thought he could just get away with anything (guess if you get away with murder, you might feel that way). Loved the crying when he was begging not to go to jail. Too bad he's going to miss the USC/UCLA game today.