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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It really is amazing how much I can accomplish in 30 minutes.

This morning for example-

7:15 I drag myself out of bed and I'm off on my "morning sprint" which really isn't a sprint at all but you would think it is for the amount I get done.

After that I take a nice bubble bath. Ahh, what a way to start the morning. Get out, find clothes to wear, dig around for a scarf because, gasp are we going to actually have a fall in California? Gasp, did I hear a forecast of rain? At any rate I can't pass up wearing a scarf. Go into the bathroom, put on a minimal amount of makeup, make my hair look somewhat presentable (it's mediocre at best). I'll wash it tonight I swear.

Then it's watch a little of the the channel 5 news, go downstairs, write and address 2 Thanksgiving cards, go online, check blogs, facebook, email, do a small google chat, and sign off.

Next I put my shoes on (my big "Bearpaw" boots, because of the aforementioned weather), pet the cats, grab some yogurt, kiss Sushi goodbye, and I am out the door at 7:45.

Out of breath, right?

On the opposite end of the spectrum you would be shocked at how little I can get done on a whole Sunday.

All I forgot to do this morning was mail the actual cards I wrote. Must do that now.

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Pam said...

If you can accomplish all of that in 30 minutes, think what you could do to your room in an hour. It would be truly amazing!