Suddenly I See

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dear Steve Jobs,

Thank you for making the Ipod so that my boyfriend and I can lay on my bed and listen to hundreds of songs. He has one ear phone and I have the other. I sing to him and he smiles. (Sometimes he laughs at my singing, it's okay I don't blame him. I would laugh to.) And sometimes he sings and I really smile because he has a great voice. You should hear him sing Elvis songs. But I really love when we are listening to one of "our songs" and we lock eyes. It's the simpleness of it all that melts my heart.

A grateful customer

"Is not music the food of love?"
-Richard Sheridan


Eliza said...


what are your songs?

Katie said...

Well there are lots of them but the main one is "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane. But then there are other ones like "Just to See you Smile" by Tim McGraw, "Long Trip Alone" -Dierks Bentley, and "Anything but Mine"- Kenny Chesney. And then "Stand By Me". I feel like there are lots of others that I can't think of right now.